Collaboration | AT | 2020

Das Rund creative film production asked me to answer a simple question: What is courage?
Here is my answer:

“Courage measures a person‘s ability to cope with physical and psychological pain or challenges. Having a closer look at this project you may realise that fire can symbolise many things, but let my answer be passion & force. Courage makes me think of infinite possibilities, like the coexistence of fire & water.“

Director: Tessa Kadletz 
DOP: Alexander Schneider
AC: Mathias Sonnleitner
PA: Tommy Leonardelli 
PA: Fabian Jagoutz
Executive Producer: Lisa Scheid
Sound: Tessa Kadletz
Editing: Tessa Kadletz & David Arno Schwaiger 
Grading: Daniel Pazderka

R& - Creative Courage
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